Sustainability Projects for Global Ecosystem Preservation

We are currently building a school of "Ancestral Knowledge" for future generations to grow up with the Ikü traditions. 

Ikü ancestral knowledge depends on generational transfer. The below structure will serve as a school that will teach children the Ikü way of forest living and conservation hat has been passed on from generation to generation for millennia.  

Inside the structure there is also an heirloom seed bank housing ancestral seeds to also pass down to future Ikü generations.

Next to the school there is an orchard to teach children how to grow their own food from heirloom seed as the Ikü have done for thousands of years.

Nabusimake, the Ikü capital is 6,500 feet above sea level in the high altitudes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

We purchased this SUV to transport families and coffee up and down the mountain.

Our goal is to update and upgrade every Ikü eco-village to strengthen the community so that they can continue to take care of our mountain and the ecosystems of the world.

And soon we will also build a network of eco-villages for eco-knowledge exchanges between the Ikü and us in mainstream culture.